About Phillie Foodnatic

The reason I got into blogging was just a random act of chance.  I was looking for a recipe for cupcakes and I stumbled upon Gimme Some Oven and I was hooked!  Before finding Gimme Some Oven, I had no idea what a blog even was!  I started hunting around for more and fell for other food blogs like:  How Sweet It Is, Noble Pig, The Pioneer Woman, Picky Palate and now I have over 40 different blogs in my Google reader!

I am not a talented writer, I am not a trained chef and I am not a photographer, so why the hell would I get into this?!  I love to cook and I wanted to share that.  I have fallen in love with blogging and I find it to be a release.

I couldn't do any of this with out the support of my boyfriend Mike.  He has supported me since day one.  He came up with the name, has been my Guinea pig and my editor.  Before every post, Mike reads the entry to correct my grammatical errors and makes sure that it makes sense!

The gorgeous picture in the header of my blog is by a very talented photographer by the name of Lou Dallara.  His pictures are incredible and I recommend you take a look at his art.  Check out his blog

I really appreciate everyone who reads and supports my blog (and me).  I hope to never disappoint you and I always want to keep a smile on your face!