Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Engagement Story!

It was just a typical Thursday and I went to work as usual.  The only thing exciting I had planned for the day was to meet up with Stephanie (Mike's little sister) because I wanted to pay to get her nails done for prom (which was on Friday).

We got our nails done and I left to go home, but I took my time, stopped and got gas, jammed to some lady ga ga...nothing too terribly exciting...

When I arrived home, there was a note on the door that said "Agent Lalonde" on the front!  I verbally said "what the hell?".  I hope the little kid across the hall didn't hear me...

I took the note off of the door and began to read my "Mission."  It told me that I had to complete a very important series of tasks!  My first task was to get ready in 40 minutes and after which I could move on to Step 2, which was located on the dining room table!

I got ready pretty quick!  Pretty much because I really wanted to find out what my next task was!

I went to the table and it was covered in tinfoil and in big letters it said "Task 2".  I peeled the tinfoil off and it revealed six roses and two pieces of paper.  The first paper was addressed from the six flowers on the table.  It explained that they used to be a dozen, but they were ambushed!  Their attacker took six of their friends and hid them around our apartment with clues of where their captor was hiding.  

The second paper gave the hints to where the flowers were hidden.  It had cute little riddles like "The temperature in here gets pretty hot, it still smells like cookies, in case you forgot" and "This is a place where you store all your jackets, I'm surprised the pole hasn't fallen from its brackets".  It was so exciting!  I started running around the apartment gathering clues!  When I found all six roses and clues, I had to fit them onto the puzzle board that was drawn out for me.

I rushed around the apartment finding the roses and unfortunately, I worked up a sweat.  I found all 6 roses and picture bits and put the puzzle together.

The picture was of a picnic table in the park that we walk by all the time.  I figured it out!  I knew where he was!  I sent the perpetrator a text to tell him I knew were he was and that I was coming to get him!  I set off for the park and when I got there, I saw my handsome boyfriend standing there with another dozen roses.  When I got to him, he began to tell me how much I meant to him and then he got down on one knee.  I instantly started the waterworks and when he pulled out the ring and opened the box, I couldn't even see it!  He asked, "will you marry me" and I said the traditional "of course!".  Then I wiped my eyes and saw the most beautiful ring EVER!

I finally pulled my emotions together!  Well, so I thought, I whimpered all the way home!  I was just so happy I couldn't keep it in!

Then we went out to dinner at Matador in Wayne and called and texted all of our loved ones!  At dinner, it looked like we hated each other because we were trying to keep up with all the love we were getting from our friends and family.  It was a great dinner and an AMAZING night!

I couldn't be happier to be engaged to such an incredible man.  He is sweet, loving, and always knows how to make me laugh.  I am so lucky that the goofy guy in all the pictures you have seen, has decided to marry me.  He is my best friend and I am truly blessed that I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

Brag pictures of my ring!

And of my handsome man!


  1. I'll let the "Jeanne Bear" reference go this time.
    The recipe looks great and since we have so many tomatoes I'm sure I will try it real soon.

  2. Oh, my precious Colie!! I got the letter from your mom today with all the updates and I have been going through your site one thing at a time.....you're killin me!!! I love you and wish you all the happiness in the world!!