Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chubby Balboa's

Last night Mike and I needed to go to Total Wine for opening day supplies!  We always make a date night out of it and grab dinner before we venture to Delaware.  We recently heard about this restaurant from Mike's Dad and we trust his foodie opinion.  It is a sports bar in Glen Mills called Chubby Balboa's.  I have no idea where the name came from, I even tried to Wikipedia it and nothing came up.

We bellyed up to the bar instead of getting a table.  We ordered our beer and Mike checked into four square...

The atmosphere was really cool!  There is 14 TVs in the bar area alone and about 15 more through out the restaurant!  It is set up like a Roman colosseum. 

They also have a giant mosaic made out of tile with a waterfall going down the front of it.  They seemed to have taken great care to pick out the decor.  We loved that decor and the feel of the restaurant, just one last thing that had to pass our scrupulous test...the food!

We got there during happy hour and the special was 1/2 off select apps.  We couldn't pass that up!  We ordered the nachos (a big favorite of  mine) and cheesesteak eggrolls (mainly for Mike). 

The food came out super fast!  When I saw the pile of nachos coming towards me, my mouth started watering and I swear there was a twinkle in my eye!

Look at the mound of chips with so many delectable toppings.  Not only did they have processed, runny cheese (Mike's favorite) but, they had real melted cheese too (my favorite)!  They also had chili, beans, fresh pico, sour cream and (something a little different) fresh Serrano peppers!  I am a huge fan of hot foods, it made me happy that they put a pepper on that packs a little more punch then jalapenos. 

The cheesesteak eggrolls were really good too.  I'm not as big of a fan of them as nachos (in general).  I feel like I could be a nacho expert and I haven't had as much experience with this style of eggroll.  Mike on the other hand LOVED them!  He ate three to my one half.  He did say that he wished they served it with a little more ketchup but, he still did a great job clearing the plate! 

The nachos, on the other hand, defeated us...there was no way we could finish that massive pile.  We waved the white napkin in surrender...

Probably the best thing about CB is that 16 oz bud lights, coors light and miller lite drafts are $2 all day, everyday!  WAHOO!!!  I had to put a little jacket on mine because it was a frosty mug and I was FREEZING!

Our total bill was sooo cheap!  We had 4 bud lights, nachos and cheesesteak eggrolls, check it out..

Overall, we really enjoyed CB!  The food, the atmospher, the cheap beer!  Mike said he wishes it was closer to our house so we could go there all the time. 


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