Saturday, March 26, 2011

Phillies 5K!!

This morning, Mike and I ran in the inaugural Phillies 5K and it was AWESOME!  It starts at Citizens Bank Park, loops around FDR park, finishes back at the stadium and then you get to go on the field!  Mike heard about it through a friend and when he told me about it, I instantly wanted to do it!  To be able to go onto the field where my favorite team plays would be the opportunity of a lifetime!  I couldn't wait to do it!

Today was an early start!  We left our apartment a little after 7:00 to go to the stadium to get our shirts, bibs and chips.  Let me tell you, at 7:00 am it was FREEZING!!!!!!  The race didn't start till 9:00 so, I was hoping that it would warm up a didn't...

Before the race it was all smiles from us!  

We had our bibs and were ready to get our run on!  When Mike was putting on his bib, he said he was lucky that his hands were so numb because he stabbed himself multiple times...boys...

In true Phillies spirit they made everyone take off their hats and a woman sang the national anthem.

The race was really good.  It was a very easy run.  There was no hills and FDR is a very pretty park!  I had never been through it before.  I stuck with Mike the whole time and I am very proud of him for doing this run.  Running isn't really his thing but, he did it anyway.  He even had enough spunk left over to sprint out the end.  Then the time came to go onto the field!!  This is the first view we saw when we came out of the tunnel.  How breathtaking is that?!  I was totally geeking out!

Mike, Chris (Mike's friend) and Nicole (Chris' sister) soaking in the glory!  Please take notice of Chris' shirt, he stole it from his dad...

It took us longer to get all the way around the warning track to home plate than it took us to run the race.  But, we entertained ourselves buy taking goofy pictures.

Just think, this is Victorino and Ibanez's view every game.

We took more jumping pictures..

We were finally getting close to home plate!  We had Chris snap this shot of us with the liberty bell.  We better see that bell ring a lot this year!  

Then we finally got up home plate!  That is Mike's little footie on home plate.

Then we got to run to first base before we had to exit the stadium.

We felt so lucky to be some of the few (other than baseball players) that have gotten to be on the field.  Seeing the view that the baseball players have is really cool.  We didn't want to leave the field, even though we had been on it for over an hour.  Who knows if we will ever get an opportunity like that again.  I thought the fun was over but, I was WAY wrong.  On our way out, I noticed that speed pitch was open and that is one of Mike's favorite things to do!  He through a couple and after that, we were standing around and the Phillie Phanatic showed up on his 4 wheeler!  

AHHH!! How cute is he?! Apparently, Mike heard him talk and it really creeped him out.  Oh well, it is still an awesome picture!  But, the fun wasn't over yet!  On the way out Mike got stopped by a camera guy and asked if he could interview him!

It was for a Comcast show called Phillies Club House!  The camera guy said it will be on in the next couple of weeks.  Keep your eyes out for my handsome man!  He is a TV star now!

We went to Chickie and Pete's after with Mr. and Mrs. Bogusky, Chris, Nicole and James for a celebratory meal and beer!  BTW, Nicole Bogusky ran the 5K in 21:30 A-MAZ-ING!

It was such a great experience!  It makes me so excited for opening day!  It is only a week away!  This run was a great way to get ready for the baseball season.  I'll always remember this day fondly and I hope that we can do it again next year. 

Go Phillies!!!!!


  1. What an awesome experience, loved the pictures. Lets Go Phillies ! ! !

  2. Phantastic!!! Love this. Glad you had such a great time. Mom