Monday, August 20, 2012

Not so food savvy date night!

Mike and I pride ourselves on being "foodies," so when Mike suggested our date night should be at Texas Road House, I promptly turned my snobby little foodie nose in the air. The idea of wasting our beloved date night on a chain restaurant was not on my to-do list.  But, I do love my husband and if he wants steak, by gosh golly (I don't know where that came from), he is going to get steak!

When we walked in, the hostess prompted us to pick out a steak of our liking.  For a second, I got a little nervous, I pictured it being like when you pick a lobster from a tank (which I find uber creepy), but she pointed to a glass refrigerator filled with prime cuts (Mike's dream come true).  I didn't pick my steak right then and there...too much pressure.  I did, however, pick my drink right away!  The server said they had ledgendary margaritas...I'll be the judge of that...

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best I have ever had.  I enjoy tasting my tequila, this was a whole lotta sweet!  I do understand that there are people out there (like my Mom), that like their liquor hidden behind overly-sugary fillers.  The good thing is that they serve you a bucket of salty peanuts to offset the overly-sweet marg.  BONUS!

We ordered our meals and I got a very polite sirloin and Mike got the offensive 21 oz bone-in Ribeye.

It was delicious.  He also got the over the top sweet potato with marshmallows and caramel...SAY WHAT?!  He did a good job balancing out his meal with a cup of veggies.

Here is my messy meal in comperison.  My potato with no butter and just a side of cinnamon-sugar.  Even though it doesn't look as impressive, it was really good!

I also got a side salad that had really good honey mustard dressing!

I'm always so proud with how much Mike can eat, but when it came to this steak I don't blame him on bit!  It had such a nice smoky flavor.

I shouldn't have been too quick to judge.  We had a really good meal and the service was excellent!  She was really patient and helpful with my whole non-dairy issue.

Date night wasn't ruined, and the next time Mike wants a steak, I will not hesitate to go back.

*This date night was on 8/8, I just didn't have an opportunity till now to get it written up! OPPS!


  1. You forgot to talk about the best part... Their rolls!!! ;-)

    1. The rolls with the cinnamon butter, duh! I did sneak a bite even though I shouldn't have! Mike LOVED them!