Sunday, January 16, 2011

Abigail's Hangover Cure

My sister-in-law is a genius!  I have always struggled with the WORST hangovers!  I get a couple different types.  I get the type that make you feel like your head is stuck in a vice and you just hope with all your might that it is not a sunny day.  Another type (which is the worst possible) where all my insides are trying to escape from my body by making me throw up until there is not even stomach acid left in my body.  The oddest hangover I get is a delayed hangover, which means I wake up fine but in an hour or so I am hunched over the toilet.  No joke, I have started scheduling my hangover days because I know I am going to be a waste of life!

On Friday night Mike and I went down to Philly to go out to dinner (and drink) with my brother (Michael) and my sister-in-law (Abby).  We were drinking fancy beers with higher alcohol contents and I knew by the end of the night that the next morning I was going to be a zombie.  Well, the lovely Abby gave me her cure for hangovers.  It is about 6oz of coconut water, an emergen-c and a pint of water.  The next morning I felt great but, it was just beer, I wanted to put it to the ultimate test...girl's night...

All in the name of research (ahemm), I drank vodka like it was going out of style on Saturday night.  Before bed I drank some coconut water, an emergen-c and a pint of water.  To my utter surprise and delight I woke up feeling great (well besides the fact that I feel asleep on a chair and my neck was doing an amazing act of bending in ways a neck is not supposed to bend).  I was inticipating the delayed hangover but, it never came!  I was even able to get to the gym today.  The old "hungover" Colie would NEVER have been able to do that.

I got the coconut water from Trader Joe's and Abby said that she got hers from Target.  There are a couple different brands out there.  The one I have is called Zico.  It is PACKED with potassium, challenging bananas for the potassium crown.  Bananas have 450 milligrams of potassium where a bottle of Zico has 569 milligrams!  It is also low cal (60 per bottle) and has no fat.  Which is far less than overly sugary sports drinks.  It is better for hydration compared to sports drinks as well containing 5 essential electrolytes.  I am always going to keep my fridge stocked with this stuff! 

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