Thursday, January 20, 2011


Thankfully, one of my co-workers who is doing the paleo diet intruduced me to Larabars.  They come in delicious flavors including peanut butter cookie, keylime pie, blueberry muffin and many more!  Most of them are gluten and dairy free.  They have very simplistic ingredients; when you read the package, you actually know every ingredient in there.  There is no added sugar or preservatives added in, they are just simply natural; something you feel good about eating.  For example, the peanut butter and jelly bar has four ingredients in it:  dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries and salt...that's it!  If the idea of dates throw you off a bit, my recommendation is to still try them!  It is the "glue" that they use to hold everything together.  They are a great thing to grab and throw in your bag for a quick meal or snack.  I read that a lot of people eat them before they workout because of the energy that they provide.

I found that Wegman's has the largest selection of them.  They sell them individually and by the box.  For whatever reason at Wegman's they do vary in price.  Some are only $0.79 while others are $1.29.  Walmart only has a few flavors and they run about $1.12.  I also found them at Genardi's for $1.25 but, that was the sales price for them.  They are available all over the place but prices vary drastically. 

If you are dieting and looking for a good bar I recommend these!  For the full list of flavors click here


  1. Love them!! Carrot cake, tropical, and warm apple pie are my favs so far!!

  2. I haven't had them yet, but Sue swore by them when she was pregnant. Thanks for the reminder!