Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Brother's Birthday

January 18th, 2011 marks the 33rd year my brother has been wreaking havoc on this earth and I'm very glad that I get to call this crazy fun guy my brother.  For his birthday dinner, we all met at Teresa's Next Door and I could not have been happier!  This place is amazing!  If you are ever in the Wayne area and want some delicious (off beat) food, stop in for a fantastic meal!  They also boast a very impressive beer list, even my mom Randi can find a beer she likes!  This is the second beer she has had in her entire life! 

 I had a sour beer (my new favorite type of beer thanks to Abby) called Gueuze, Mike had an oatmeal stout and Michael had Flying Fish.

Trying to stay on task with my diet, Mike and I split the drunken mussels for an app.  It had chorizo, dark beer, shallots, garlic, red pepper, and a whole lot of yumminess!  The rest of the family had a cheese plate that had mustard, two types of cheese, some type of apple-ish compote, grapes and bread.

 In between the apps and the entrees we made Michael open his presents.  This lovely Hannah Montana bag was courtesy of Mike and I :)

 Abby got Michael this adorable little pink elephant that spent the rest of the night dinning with us.  His name is Elie and he was immediately made part of the family!

For dinner, I still stayed on track by getting the Beet and Bleu salad.  It had julienned endives, baby watercress, sweet oranges, beets, walnuts and blue cheese.  It was phenomenal!  I even got mike to have a bit of a beet and he didn't mind it!

 Then it came time for dessert and I practically lept off the diet wagon!  They had PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING!!!!  Who is their right mind would pass on that!  My only saving grace is that Mike and I fought over it split it equally. 

Mom being the amazing person she is brought her own candles to the restaurant to make it a true birthday celebration!  

 and sung a solo performance of "Happy Birthday"

When Michael blew out his candles I thought that we were going to set off smoke alarms!  You can dress us up but, you can't give us matches...

 Elie ate the bread pudding I SWEAR!!!!  

 Amazing birthday celebration with my amazing family! 


The official finish of Mom's 2nd beer.

It ended up being my unexpected "Indulgence Day" but, that bread pudding was well worth it!  Note to self...just don't look at the dessert menu!

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

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  1. It was an amazing evening, the food, beer (I can't believe I like a beer) and company was the absolute best, and the Birthday Boy had a special party. Excellant pics Colie.