Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Fajitas, Margaritas and Fun!

For Cinco de Mayo, Mike and I had the wonderful Jenk-Dawgs over for a mini celebration!  Since everyone had work and I HAD to go to the gym after work, we planned to keep it simple and make fajitas.  Which is one of my favorite options anyway!  Mike ran to the store after work and picked up supplies for the ultimate feast and I went home and cleaned our super pollen filled apartment.

I wanted to make two different flavored chicken for the fajitas.  We made the traditional Mexican seasoning and also a ranch style marinade.  It was ubber easy.  I put 1 pack of Ranch (I wish I had used time).

3-4 tbs of canola oil

and a 1/3 c water.

Gave it a good shake and you get this gross looking product!  I hate the look of raw chicken, it looks like intestines....yummmmy! 

We let the chicken marinade for about 45 minutes.  Longer would have been better, but time didn't permit.  Then we put it on to grill.

That's a lotta chicken!

The Grill Master took over and I went in to prepare the margaritas!

We lined up the usual suspects and I followed a recipe by Ina Garten.

1/2 c fresh lime juice and 2 tbs fresh lemon juice...

1 c triple sec

1 1/2 c tequila

a shake of salt.

When I was done following the recipe, we didn't like it.  So, Matt took over and fixed it.  He added more triple sec (I think another cup), more tequila (I think almost another cup) and some sprite.  The final product was pretty good!

and I plan to drink all of you, my friend, and the rest of your buddies, too...MU AH AHA AH!

Gave one to the hard working griller!

Another one for the margarita doctor, Matt, and his beautiful wife Addie.

While Mike finished up with the chicken, Addie and I cut up the veggies for the fajitas.

and did the extremely hard task of opening up a can of refried beans and dumping them into a sauce pan.  I feel like refried beans are a MUST whenever you are having mexican food.  They are my absolute favorite and it is pretty disgusting how much of them I eat.

As for the veggies, I put about 3 tbs of EVOO into a large skillet over medium-high heat.  When the oil heated up I added the peppers and the onions to the skillet.  To season, I added taco seasoning, salt and pepper.

I sauteed for about 7 minutes.  I like the peppers to stay a little crispy for fajitas, but if you like your veggies soft, cook until desired doneness.

Mike cooked the chicken about 7 minutes per side.

He did a fabulous job on the chicken!  It was still super moist!

Addie and I set out the toppings.  We had guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream and of course, the refried beans.  She gave them all a thumbs up!

The boys switched to beer since they couldn't handle the good stuff!  Oh well, more for Addie and me!

I put so much junk on to my poor little tortilla shell...

It is so overwhelming when I go to take a bite.

But I always manage! 

My little Grill Master is happy with his meal and then there is Matt...

My drink is going down fast!

Going, going, GONE!

For dessert, Addie brought fresh fruit.  Strawberries and peaches..yum!!

She also brought whipped cream and chocolate chips to put on top.

Addie thoroughly enjoyed her work!  I don't blame her, it was delicious!

Mike took control of the camera to get me back for all the pictures I have taken of him while he is eating...

The whole night was so much fun!  I love hanging out with the Jenkinses.  I know whenever they come over that we are going to have a great time!  It was a nice little Cinco de Mayo celebration!  I was also really proud of the teamwork to get this meal done by my bugga-boo and myself.  I sometimes show a picture of Mike at the end of my posts and he has ALWAYS looked goofy, well this one I think he looks downright adorable!  I'm so lucky!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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