Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jessica's Birthday

Another one of my fabulous friends had a birthday on May 2nd, she turned 21...jk...she is 25...jk again...(I am not going to divulge her age without her permission).

A little note on Jessica; she works bizarre hours because she is a nurse, so getting together with her for her birthday was nearly impossible!  We had to wait till the 3rd!  All joking aside, we really did have to squeeze in this birthday celebration, but we knew we had to celebrate our wonderful friend!  She is a party animal and brings the fun where ever she goes! These pictures are from a long time ago, but it shows her true side!

I made Jessica pick the place and she chose Susanna Foo's in Radnor.  It is a great, kind of swanky, restaurant.  They have an awesome happy hour!  Discounted drinks, cheap sushi, discounted apps, $3 dumplings.  You can get full and tipsy for not too much money!

When we got there, we ordered drinks.  My eye was instantly caught by a drink called Bangkok Heat, since the name made me giggle, I got it.  It did have ingredients that I love:  jalapenos, tequila, siracha and a chili salt rim...YUM! 

Jen got a drink called the Glamour Girl (very appropriate).  I know that it had pinot grigio in it and there was a giant pineapple sticking out of it that made it nearly impossible to drink!

We all struggled with getting a sip of it...

I kinda look like a chimp trying to drink it...attractive..

Jessica got a drink called the Sparkling Susanna.  Which is lavender honey and champagne (delish).  We ordered some apps and did what girls to like we haven't seen each other in a decade.

Then the food came...WAHOO!!  We got SO much food, but since we were celebrating, calories don't count!  We had popcorn pork dumplings that were in a brown butter sauce (one of my all time favs!).


More pork dumplings, but the grown up size.

Finally, one spicy tuna roll and one spicy shrimp tempura roll.  The food was so good!  I am also very proud of Jen, she is not a fan of a lot of foods, but she tried the calamari and the spicy tuna roll!  I don't think she was a big fan of either, but I love the effort!

Jessica opened her gift from Jen.

I'm a bad friend and I haven't got her gift yet...shame on me...

Jessica being Jessica accessorized with the tissue paper.  If anyone can pull it off, she can!  She looks FABULOUS!

Are you allowed to bring wine into a bar?  I guess when the wine is called Pro-mis-Q-ous, you can do whatever you want with it!

We picked on Jessica for looking like she was a promotional piece for Black Swan and then headed back to my place to continue the festivities on the balcony!

We opened another bottle of white wine (which was really good!).  I would recommend this wine if you are looking for a good Chardonnay.

My little Black Swan modeled it.

We hung out on the balcony until it was really dark.  We got to hear a heated argument from our bad neighbors with lines like "I don't even know if the kid is mine"...awesome...

Took some pictures, forgot I put my camera on my lap, stood up and my camera took a dive off the balcony...opps!

We set out on a rescue mission...

Flashlight and all to rescue my lost little camera.  Surprisingly, it didn't break!  The battery popped out and the camera card was hiding in the garden, but thanks to Jen's keen eyes, we found it! 

After our little adventure, we finished our wine and said our goodbyes.  It was a very nice, little celebration.  I wish that we could have done something big for Jessica, but time didn't allow that.  I also wish this was a non "school night" so that they could have stayed longer! 

....PRINCESSICA very good friend


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