Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Our trip was AWESOME!  I had never been to Vegas before and it was an experience I'll never forget.  Mike and I stayed in the beautiful Mandalay Bay.

The first night there, Mike and I walked down to Caesar's Palace for dinner (no the real Caesar did not live there).  Our first dinner there was actually TERRIBLE!  It was very expensive, poor quality food...not a good combo.  The one thing that made up for everything was that Mike and I split a very good bottle of wine!  After dinner, Mike and I watched the water show at the Bellagio.

Vegas is so beautiful at night when everything is lit up.

My absolute favorite part of the trip was when we want to Fremont St!  The old Vegas!  I loved the old neon lights.  We didn't get to see it at night all lit up; Mike and I agreed that next time we go, we'll go there at night to see it all in lights!

I think the main reason I liked Fremont St was because I actually sat down at a blackjack table and didn't lose all of my money!

We did our fair share of drinking! 

We did get to see two shows.  We saw Mystere which is a Cirque du Soleil show and it was awesome!  What those people can do is inhuman!  We also saw Vegas the show!  It was good, it made you feel nostalgic for old Vegas.  I wish I could see Vegas when Frank Sinatra was actually performing!

We got burned by a lot of the places we ate, I even got food poisoning at one of the buffets.  The best restaurant was called Hussong!  It was a small Mexican restaurant in our hotel.  I got lobster tacos and they knocked my socks off!  The margarita's were awesome as well!  We had an entire pitcher.

We also enjoyed the buffet at the Wynn.  Other then that, nothing else was that great...

I would go back to Vegas in a heartbeat!  Even though I lost $40 to the gambling gods, it was still an awesome trip!

Who's coming with us next time?!

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