Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jenny and Steve's Wedding

The first wedding of the season was a smash!  Mike's good friend that he has known since high school, Jenny,  got married this weekend.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding.  Every detail seemed perfect.  The location was stunning.  It was at a country club in Phoenixville. 

Look at how cute the seating cards were!  They were in real grass too.

I loved the little bumble bee!

This is the table of knuckle heads that we sat with...

Table number 5 rocked it!

We had our cocktails, my first wedding drink (and favorite) is a dirty martini!  It is always a good warm up to a good night!

The beautiful new couple made their first debut!  How cute are they?!

They shared their first dance and the party got started!  The band wasted no time in getting people up and dancing.  They had almost everyone on the dance floor even before dinner was served.  The food came and we dug in!  I know that wedding food is boring for most, but come on, this is a food blog, I have to talk about the food!  Up first was the salad.  It was a spinach salad with dried cherries, candied walnuts and blue cheese dressing...YUM!

Then came more drinks!  I finished my dirty martin and my wonderful boyfriend went to get me another drink from the bar.  While he was up getting me my vodka, club, with a splash of cranberry, the server came around with wine, so I got a glass of that as well!  

When ever we go to weddings, I always have entree envy of Mike.  He always gets the filet and I typically get the fish dish, this time I learned my lesson.  I got the filet and boy-o-boy was I glad that I did!  It was SO good and cooked perfectly!

At the end of the meal Mike made me an adorable little bunny out of his dirty napkin.  Trust was cute!

One of the funniest things that happen was that Mike S. got something stuck into his teeth and he used a ribbon to get it out.  When you are desperate you go to all sort of lengths!

Then it was time to get dancing again!  WOOT!!

Then we got the groom, Steve's nephew sung for everyone!  He sung "Hey Soul Sister".  It was AWESOME!!!  (sorry the picture sucks, my little point and shoot wasn't getting the job done)

The band was really REALLY good!  They kept everyone dancing all night!  They even came into the crowd to get us even more amped! 

Mike got REALLY into it!  Good thing he is so adorable...

Then we had another break....CAKE!  It was really good and they served it with a chocolate covered strawberry!  So good!

It was great to see friends that we don't get to see often!

And of course spend an awesome evening with my favorite person in the whole wide world!

I was able to sneak in a quick picture with the beautiful bride!  Isn't she breathtaking?!

The whole night was A-MA-ZING!  I don't know how it could have been any better...

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