Monday, May 9, 2011

One Crazy Weekend

This weekend was absolutely jam-packed!  Friday night, Mike and I drove out to the Lancaster Area to see my good friend Adrienne's new home.  Saturday, I had my Mom's first mother's day celebration and then Jenny and Steve's wedding.  Finally, Sunday was recovering from Jenny and Steve's fabulous wedding AND Mom's second mother's day celebration!  Wooo-Weeee!  I'm tired just talking about it!  

I am writing this post as more of an apology for falling so far behind!  I have a lot of good pictures, a good recipe and some interesting stories to come!  I am going to dedicate the next three days to this past weekend, that's how intense it was!  

In the meantime, I leave you with the coolest You Tube video EVER!  I have watched this video about 100 times this weekend alone!


Much love and my deepest apologies!

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