Saturday, April 23, 2011

Date Night at Teresa's

Mike and I planned a date night with each other on friday.  We decided to go toTeresa's, an Italian BYOB in Wayne, Pa.  Mike and I have been huge fans since we moved here!  We have gone for special occasions and when we want to try to impress people.  Not only is it my favorite restaurant in Wayne, but my favorite Italian restaurant EVER!  Well at least it was...

Mike and I got into our fanciest duds and headed over.

 It is nestled in the main strip; it doesn't really look like much.

 We brought a bottle of Kitchen Sink, it is a really good, inexpensive, red wine.  We figured it was a good option if we were going to be getting pasta with red sauce.  Mike Checked in on 4 square...

 Mike and I started looking through the menu and all of our favorites dishes were gone!  Apparently, this was the first day that they reveled their new menu.  Well, they should have kept it under wraps because it was less than impressive.  They cut down the menu considerably.  There wasn't any "traditional" Italian items!  It did make it easy to decide because there were only 5 pasta dishes to choose from.

  The server brought us bread and oil, that was as good as it has always been.  The oil is good and fruity!

You could tell that the bread was still fresh made.

I ordered Pasta with beets, swiss chard, brown butter and goat cheese.  I was still really happy with the quality of my food.  My pasta was still cooked well and the flavors went really well together.

Mike ordered a gnocchi dish with sausage, broccoli rabbe and sundried tomatoes.  He, on the other hand, did not think the quality was as good.  I'll let him explain....

Mike's Mini Review:
The pasta was slightly undercooked, and since gnocchi is made with potato, it gave it a gummy texture that wasn't as good as it'd been the last time I'd had it here.  I was pretty disappointed that the entire menu had been revamped because they got rid of many of their traditional Italian items that I come to expect from an Italian restaurant.  I'm all for experimentation on menus, but sometimes, I just want a classic Italian dish, and that doesn't seem to be possible anymore.  Bummer.

 We did finish the entire bottle of wine.

By this time I was nice and happy no matter how much Teresa's had changed.

The server told us their desserts that they had and they were not impressive at all!  Nothing sounded appealing to me!  They don't have my favorite bread pudding any more :(
 I still did get my coffee, it used to be one of the best cup of joes around.  They must have at least kept this the same because it was really tasty!

Over all, we were really dissapointed in the new changes at Teresa's.  They used to always have great specials (there weren't any) and if non of those appealed to you, they are great staples on the menu!  I don't think it will be my first thought anymore when it comes to dinning out in Wayne. 

At least the company was world class!!  It still was a GREAT date night!!

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