Sunday, April 10, 2011

West Chester Bar Crawl

For the past 5 years, at least one of my girlfriends has lived in West Chester borough.  Jen is the last one standing and she will be moving at the end of this month...big frowney face :(  For a send-off, we decided to do one last bar crawl to take full advantage to being able to drink yourself silly and stumble home to pass out.  Since it wasn't for an actual cause, we didn't have shirts made.  Instead, we all bough "funny" shirts.  This is the shirt I got...

This is the one that I REALLY wanted but, they didn't have...

Everyone's shirts were great!!

Gina, Jen, Lynn, me
We had some lunch and ate some of the cookies I brought, peanut butter chocolate chip pretzel cookies (recipe to come)

The girls really liked the cookies!  We had a good base in our stomachs and we were ready to get our drink on!  I gathered up the imporant things you need for a bar crawl:  itinerary, games, and make sure you have some good junk food ready for when you are all done!

Our first stop was going to be to Jake's.  Jake's holds a special spot in my heart because Mike and I used to walk there for fortys (I know it doesn't sound romantic but, it was a lot of fun)!

This place is the definition of a dive bar!  My favorite type of bar!  the beers are only 50 cents!

We had a few brews and then decided to head to the next place.  We headed to Ram's Head.

We sat around and played "Would You Rather".  It was a really fun game, that I am terrible at!  Lynn ended up a lot!  We didn't stay at Ram's Head long.  We started to wander and we were walking by Alibi's (the old 15 North).  Anyone who has lived in West Chester and is around 25-30 ish has some type of obscure memory at 15 North.  Typically it is of falling down the steps!

We actually hesitated going in because there was no one in there.  As we stood outside trying to figure out if we were even allowed to go in, we heard a voice "you can come in if you want".  OKAY!  I think we all wanted to see what became of 15 North.  We were actually the only customers, the other two people sitting that bar were employees.  They didn't have any specials but, they did have $2 PBRs

Since we knew we weren't going to be disturbing people, this was the perfect opportunity to pull out Catch Phrase!  I LOVE this game and soon so did everyone else!  We even had the bartender and the other two guys at the bar playing as well.

Surprisingly, the guys were really good at the entertainment category.  The one dude used "The Devil Wears Prada" as a clue.  I think we almost peed our pants multiple times.

We hung out there for awhile and really didn't want to leave but, no one can stop the progress of a bar crawl!  We had other places to go.  You could tell that after three bars we were feeling the effects of a proper bar crawl.  Example A....

On the way to Side Bar Jen made me do this!  haha

We hung out here for a bit, played a little bit more Catch Phrase and met some more friends.

Starting to feel the effect of the brewskis, someone (who is very smart) decided it was time to get some food.  We headed to Landmark to get some munchies.

We got what you expect:  nachos, quesadillas, and crab fries

And of course...more beer!  We hung out for a bit, ate, laughed some more.


And took some goofy pictures...

Before heading to the next bar.

Where we ran into West Chester's favorite Jackass

He was actually really nice and very cordial but, no time for niceties, it was time for some more games and beer!

Nothing like dice to keep things going!  We only stayed at Kooma for one beer before venturing to Kildares.

But, we weren't feeling it there so we didn't even bother getting a drink.  We decided to head down to the other bar owned by McGrogan's...Doc's

This actually ended up being my last stop...I couldn't do it anymore...

I had one last beer before heading back to Jen's to pass out.  This was the last group picture of the night.  BIG difference from the first! (Lynn really isn't as drunk as she looks in this pic)

We had such a great time!  It was a great send off to our West Chester days.  We relived memories and shared stories.  We only got to 8 out of 15 bars we had on our list.  But, beware, we may be back to finish what we started!

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