Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Iced Tea Obsessions

I LOVE iced tea!  Typically, I like unsweetened iced tea that I can add my own splenda.  Last year my co-worker/workout buddy/cuz, Adrienne, introduced me to Bret Michael's Trop-a-Rocka tea.  I will forever be indebted/mad at Adrienne for introducing me to this new obsession.  Explanation: I love this tea but, it is the hardest thing to find!

Luckily for Christmas, my beautiful Mom bought me about 6 cases of it!  I was in heaven!  Soon after that, I never saw it in stores again...

me without trop-a-rocka
I missed it's tropical sweet flavor, that tickled my taste buds.  Adrienne wrote Snapple a letter asking them to re-release it and they did!  But, they disappeared again from most retail stores.  Sometimes you will stumble across them in the grocery store.  Adrienne has found it recently and Matt Jenkins said he found it in a gas station.  I haven't been that lucky.

RIP Trop-a-Rocka

All is not lost!  One lucky day last week, I found this little number on an end cap in Wegman's!  It is "The Amazing Race" Papaya Mango tea (also diet).

Very similar in flavor to my beloved Trop-a-Rocka!  I'm saved!  I'm also terrified because this most likely will disappear soon as well.

For now, all I can do is enjoy it while it lasts!  I recommend going and finding this tasty treat before it too disappears off the shelves forever...
*I bet you you didn't realize how dramatic ice tea could be! (I exaggerating...a little)

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