Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jen's Birthday (part one)

One of my BF Jen's birthday is on April 20th and to celebrate we all got together to go out for dinner.  We all knew we wanted to celebrate the fabulous Jen, what we didn't know was the shenanigans we were in for!  This group of girls tend to get into weird/funny situations, but we thought going to dinner was safe...boy-o-boy were we wrong!  It ended up being one of the most interesting dinner!

The dinner was at Giuseppe's in Edgemont, Pa.  I had never been there before, but I have always heard great things!  The weather, on the other hand, was not the nicest.   It was a monsoon outside!  Complete with thunder and lightning...   

The first thing that made us turn our heads was that we were put in a tent...that was lined with metal that safe is a lightning storm?  Jessica and I were the first to arrive.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part of this place, it is BYOB!!  Wahoo!!

Everyone else showed up and we started cracking open the bottles of wine and clinked our glasses in celebration of our friend's last year in her 20's

We also ordered some appetizers.  We got calamari...

and antipasti (modeled by Gina and Jen)

The rain kept of falling and then there was a HUGE clap of thunder!  I think we were all going to dive under the table!

Dinner came out and it was awesome!  Gina wins for best plate.  It was a fettuccine with seafood.  Do you see those big clumps of crab?!  YUM!

Jessica and I split tortellini and thank goodness we did!  The portions are very generous and there was no way I would have been able to finish it.

I did a really good job cleaning my plate too!  That means I can get dessert...right?!

In all honesty, we were all STUFFED!  So, we hung around a bit to wait on stuffing our faces again with dessert.

a full Jessica

We started to do what we do best...silly pictures!
It starts off innocent and pretty.

Then we get a little weird.  Classic...

Jessica and I always take it a step too far...

Jessica later informed me that there are a lot of pictures of me trying to put my finger in her nose...what is wrong with me!?

We decided on desserts, the plan was to get four different types and passed them around so that everyone got a bite.  Jessica ran out after we ordered the desserts to tell our server that it was Jen's birthday!

Jen has a tiramisu birthday cake!

What we didn't know is that a guitar wielding Italian man would serenade Jen "Happy Birthday" in not only English, but Italian!

Then he started to get a little handsy with Jen!

He must have known that it was her 29th birthday because he kissed her that many times!

Jen was a great sport while she was getting molested on her birthday!  He stayed around for another song.

Then we were able to dig into the other desserts!

They were all REALLY good!

Then the unthinkable happens...the power goes out!!  The entire restaurant is blanketed in darkness.  Except, our table has a spot light.  They must have known that we were VIPs!

The party celebration must go on, so Jen started to open her gifts!

She got some really nice stuff!  We started to get the feeling that we over stayed our welcome, plus I think everyone who worked there was in a panic because of the electricity.  The air started to smell like burning bread, if that isn't reason enough, I don't know what is!

It was such an awesome night, I left there grinning from ear to ear!  I love these girls so much, they are beautiful and they have the kindest hearts I have ever known.  I am so glad that we could all get out to celebrate Jen's birthday!  Even if the evening did have it's ups and downs, we had a blast!



  1. Cute post, food looks awesome, and Jen if you're reading Happy Birthday, and you must tell me what blush you're wearing, love it!

  2. Thanks Abby! Jen said that it is a new blush and she'll check on the name of it for you!