Monday, April 25, 2011


I love Easter!  The weather is warming up, the flowers are out and everything is coming to life!  I also love the traditions we have in my family and spending time with all of our loved ones.  When you are in a relationship, you have to figure out how to get to see everyone, while still making sure you have an enjoyable time.  Mike and I did that perfectly this year!  We started Sunday morning at my Mom's.  We brought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe's.

She made our traditional Easter breakfast.  Most people would probably cringe at what we eat, but I think it is DELISH!  It is creamed eggs.  It's just like cream chipped beef, but instead of the beef, it is hard boiled eggs. 

After we ate, we waited for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive so we could start the egg hunt.  That is right, at 27 and 33 (Michael's age), we still do an egg hunt!  It has become more about who can find all of their eggs first.

My Mom hides different colored eggs (15 each) all around her back yard.  Each person is assigned a color.  The first one to find all of their eggs WINS!  The hardest color to find is green...guess what color I got this year?!  GREEN, ARRGH!  You actually don't win anything besides bragging rights. 

Let the games begin!!

We hunt, we scower, we race to find all of our eggs, but there could only be one winner and this year it was ME!!

Michael was defeated again by his little sister, but did come in second...

Abby came in 3rd and Mike came in 4th.  It takes a real man to wear capris, do an egg hunt and carry a pastel basket!

and get a foot in the face...

He is just the best!

And my Mom is simply amazing for putting so much time and effort into our Easter traditions.

We hung out for a bit longer at my Mom's and then Mike and I headed up to his Dad's house to watch the Flyers game and eat dinner.  Mike's Dad's version of an Easter decoration...

Some things that you should know.  Mike's Dad LOVES bears!  We call him Kenny Bear for a reason!  Also, he is a huge Flyers fan!  So, to celebrate, he took the innocent Yabbit the Rabbit, put a bear mask on him, a Scott Hartnell wig, and sunglasses.  I have to admit, Yabbit looks pretty good (and semi creepy).  At the start of the 3rd period of the Flyers game, we ate dinner (and watched the game).

Jeanne, Mike's stepmom put together one heck of a feast!  She made ham, green beans, potatoes, corn casserole, coleslaw, rolls and lasagna.  How many people were there?  100?  Nope!  Only 8!  She knows how to make people's bellies happy! 

It was a great group of people!  We had a great time and THE FLYERS WON!!!  WAHOO!!  Mike and I had to press on to our next and final stop.  My fabulous Aunt Patti's.

Every Easter at my Aunt's we do appetizers and desserts!  We found in years past that we got so full off of apps that there was no room for the main course!  Plus, dessert has always ment more to us!

I don't know how I managed, but I ate some more apps.  It would be rude not to try their food!  We also had some desserts including the lemon curd filled cupcakes with raspberry butter cream that I made.  Everyone seemed to like them!

So, we saw Kenny Bear's interesting Easter is my Aunt's...

It's a lizard, dragon, thing that she put bunny ears on...very creative!  We took our family picture...a few times...

our model shot
Mike and I stayed a little bit longer, but the craziness of the day was getting to us.  We packed it up and said our goodbyes and headed home.  We ate a bowl of ice cream and nachos (completely joking, I don't think I am going to eat for a month).  It was such an AWESOME Easter!  I'm glad that we got to see the majority of our family.  Also, that I was VICTORIOUS!  Maybe Madee will be my strongest competition next year!

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